Virtual Faxing by CTC Business is the next generation fax hosting service; it is a high-performance service designed to track, document, manage and deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. Virtual Faxing is technology that adapts to how you use fax every day. Not the other way around. The information provided in this guide instructs users how to send messages using CTC Business services

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Fax Through Your Email

Open your email program of choice (Gmail, Outlook, etc...)

Compose Email with the following:


Press Send and your email will be sent to your recipients fax machine

  1. To:(number you want to fax to)@fax2u.networks


    Subject =Attention Line of Fax

    Body =Type what you want to include on the cover page

    Attachment =Attach a document you want to fax

    • Example:2082291002@fax2u.net

CTC Business' Fax Portal

This section offers quick step-by-step instructions on sending a message to a single recipient.

Go to: www.fax2u.net

Enter your Login and Password

Click "Login"

Understanding the User Interface

Virtual Faxing by CTC Business is a 100% browser-based web application. It possesses a standard look and feel; it is easy to use especially if you have grown accustomed to products like Microsoft Outlook.

Following is an introduction to the user interface. You will find that the interface is consistent throughout the application. The same components are used on each web page. The website consists of five primary sections; all are accessible from the Navigation Pane on the initial page.

The five primary sections are as follows:


Access this section to manage all incoming and outgoing faxes. When faxes are received, they show in the Inbox. Other folders in this section are the Outbox, Sent, Failed, Cancelled, Hold, Trash, and Personal Folders.

Address Book

The Address Book encourages organization of personal information of those who will receive faxes from you.


Manage and organize documents.


Define your personal profile, change your password, and store company, regional, and notification settings.


Search for a particular fax that resides in your fax library

Sending Messages

1. Click Messages in the Navigation Pane if not already selected.


2. Click New to open a New Message window. The Sender Profile section automatically populates with your name and the name of your company.


3. Enter the Subject and any applicable Notes. Press the [Tab] key to move from one field to the next.


4. Enter the recipient’s Name and Fax #. When entering the FAX #, include the area code. No need exists for spaces, dashes, or parenthesis. These fields are bolded to show they are required.


5. Click Add Generic. The recipient's name shows in the Recipients section. The recipient's name shows in the Recipients section:


6. Click the Documents tab.


7. Click Select to locate the document(s) to attach. The Attach Documents dialog box shows. Select a document you want to fax.


8. Click Attach once all attachments have been selected.


9. Click the Options tab. Select those settings that apply to each fax or use the defaults defined. Notification Options, the ability to set a priority, and add a billing code become available. You may request notification on successful transmission of the fax or upon its failure to transmit; you may select both options, if you prefer.


10. Click Send once all recipients have been listed and the appropriate options are set.


Contacting CTC Business

At CTC Business, we strive to provide you with the highest quality product support. Submit any questions or concerns at support.ctcbusiness.net