It Pays to Know People
As a local company in Idaho, CTC knows the importance of being a good neighbor. That is why CTC is seeking new business relationships that will benefit everyone involved. If you are well-networked and have trusted relationships with other businesses in Idaho, your recommendation of CTC could earn you some extra revenue.

In return for you giving us an introduction to fellow businesses and allowing us to be a part of your trusted network of businesses, CTC’s Referral Partner Program will generously reward you with a one-time fee based on one month of the referred customer’s monthly recurring revenue that you will receive the second month after the contract is signed and the service is installed.

1. Get Registered

Contact a member of the CTC Sales team and fill out all the required forms.

2. Get Sharing

Pass on referrals and leads to CTC by phone or email. You can be involved in the introduction as much or as little as you would like, it is completely up to you.

3. Get Paid

If the referral leads to a sale, you will be contacted by a sales representative and informed that your referral was a success. And after the customer is billed for the second month you will receive your check for that months revenue!


To sign up for CTC’s Referral Partner Program give us a call at 208-229-9000 or fill out the form below.

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If you are a US citizen and above 18 years of age or older (and not a CTC employee or direct relative) you are eligible to be a part of CTC’s referral program.

Those businesses looking to save money on their communication expenses or those that are looking for a new or upgraded phone solution would be ideal customers for CTC. We have also found great success in serving multi-location companies that are between 3 and 500 employees, but no company is too large or too small for CTC to service. Furthermore, those companies with a high demand for the latest and greatest in technology, such as healthcare and IT companies, make for great referrals.

Referral Exclusions:
• Current CTC Business customers
• Pre-existing, documented sales opportunities with a member of the CTC Sales staff


CTC has been helping Idaho businesses with their communication needs for over 100 years. We would love the opportunity to serve you.