Why Small Businesses Need to be Mobile

Mobile working has many benefits. Which is why so many small businesses are ditching their premise phone solutions and going 100% mobile using unified communications—for both cost and efficiency reasons.

Capabilities like one number and one voice mailbox across all your devices, or greeting your customers with a virtual attendant are just a few of the ways in which small businesses can appear bigger and stronger. Here are a few reasons how going mobile can benefit small businesses.

Collaborate like a big business

For small businesses, timing is everything. Making quick decisions leads to growth and higher revenue. In order to be agile, your team requires a communication tool that helps them to collaborate, share information and overall, work more efficiently. Having unified communications on your mobile devices allows your workers to access conference calls, instant messaging, and video collaboration from anywhere in the world from any device thus speeding up the decision-making process.

Stop paying for your desk and mobile separately

Some small businesses are on a tight budget and the last thing you want to do is pay for something you don't need. With unified communications, your employees can make business calls using their business phone number, from their personal mobile phone. This means you can eliminate the cost of having a desk phone and a cell phone for each employee. One phone, for all calls.

Never miss an important call

On-the-go workers depend on their mobile devices to conduct their daily tasks and integrating them into the business’ communications infrastructure is essential. Productivity depends on staying connected with customers, sales personnel, and others working in the field. Unified communications ensure your mobile workers never have to miss a call. They can quickly and easily access all of their phone services from mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

An image of a woman using her laptop and phone while seated on a train

One official number for all your devices

Whether you are working in the office, from home or at a customer site, Unified Communications gives you access to the same consistent set of features and experiences, across all media and devices. With mobile and desktop clients, you can have multiple devices with a single phone number. Calls can then be seamlessly moved between mobile and desk phones giving users flexibility in how they start and end the call.

About InCom

InCom has over 100+ years of experience providing phone and internet services to Idaho and all around the United States. Our companies communications platform helps a variety of businesses achieve their goals through hosted voice, unified messaging and collaboration systems. Backed by unrivaled customer service, InCom is dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.

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