Customer Case Study: Turning to the Cloud to Eliminate Costly Outages for Law Offices

Customer Case Study: Turning to the Cloud to Eliminate Costly Outages for Law Offices

This commercial law firm has a team of 170 based at more than a dozen regional offices. The company had invested in standalone PBXs for each of its locations but faced costly and complex issues. With a limited IT staff, systems were inconsistently updated and poorly maintained. In addition, there was no disaster recovery path. In fact, an outage in a transmission line connecting a PBX to the public switched network left one office without phone service for days. Finally, much of the firm’s work was performed at client offices and other remote locations. But there was no way for team members to interact seamlessly with office communication systems and maintain peak productivity on the go.

The Solution

The firm moved to a cloud-based PBX platform hosted by a service provider — achieving much-needed protection against outages and expanding the telephony features delivered to its team. The company adopted new cloud-based auto attendant and call center capabilities, as well as a powerful unified communication application for improved productivity — all for the same money spent to maintain its previous PBX systems.

The Results

  1. “Always on” service. In the event of an outage, calls are transparently transitioned from one cloud network node to another for continuous connectivity.

  2. Improved productivity for mobile workers. Team members have a consistent user experience and the same set of capabilities whether they use a desk phone, laptop, smartphone or tablet – in the office or out. They can communicate when, where and how they want, making them more productive than ever.

  3. Expanded support, 24x7. Previously a single IT staff member and consultant supported the firm’s communication systems. Now a comprehensive team of experts provides 24x7 monitoring and support, allowing potential issues to be resolved before they escalate and impact service.

  4.  Improved scalability. The firm’s new hosted architecture is easily scaled by simply adding new software licenses. Phones and other communication devices are “plug and play.”

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