How To Select the Right Remote Working Setup

Use these questions to help you select the right remote working solutions to meet your specific situation.

What is the most productive way to communicate with my coworkers, partners, and customers while working remotely?

You and your organization need to determine what modes of communication you want to use. Audio calls may suffice for quick chats and answering urgent requests, but we recommend using video wherever possible to ensure more meaningful conversations. This is especially critical when working remotely without the benefit of in-person interaction.

What equipment will I be using to work remotely?

The typical devices people use to work remotely are a laptop or desktop PC, a tablet, and/or mobile phone. Knowing which of these computing devices you wish to use, and if you will be switching between them, will influence your choice of headsets, speakerphone, and video cameras. In our experience, remote workers end up using all of these devices to stay engaged so we recommend devices with the ability to easily switch between a laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Do I need the freedom to move from my workspace during calls or will I be stationary?

There are two main ways to connect your communications devices to your computing devices: wired (sometimes called corded) and cordless. Wired solutions are less expensive than their corded counterparts and you don’t have to worry about how long the battery will last. But they do limit your ability to move around and remain on a call. Wireless connections give you more freedom to roam and let you switch from one computing device to another without having to plug or unplug anything. Wireless devices run on batteries and will have to be recharged regularly. We recommend the connection type that will meet the needs of your particular situation and budget.

An image of someone on a remote work call.

How can I minimize distractions from noises around me and prevent people on my calls from hearing them?

Noise in and around your remote working location can distract those on your calls and keep you from focusing on your work. CTC recommends using headsets, speakerphones, and video bars that have noise-canceling microphone technology to protect those on your calls from hearing the noises around you. To help you concentrate, CTC utilizes Polycom VoIP phones that use both passive isolation and active noise canceling technology to block the distracting sounds around you so you can keep your attention on the task at hand.

Is listening to music important to me?

If you like to listen to music while you work, select a headset with hi-fi stereo sound. If you need to have an ear open to hear what is going on around you choose a mono headset.

What style of headset is best for me?

Headsets come in a variety of wearing styles to accommodate different worker needs and preferences. Options include over the top of the head, behind the neck, on the ear, and in the ear. Some styles cover one ear and some both. For those that don’t want to wear a headset, CTC has a line of phones that deliver clear audio communications without having to wear anything.

If you need help getting your employees set up for remote working contact CTC. Call 208-229-9000 for more information.


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