5 Ways to be More Agile Than Your Competition

How we work today has dramatically changed. Here are 5 ways Unified Communications can help you and your employees stay connected while increasing productivity.

1. Work Anywhere

Unified Communications allows you to work at your office, at your client’s premises, your home, or on the move.

2. Collaborate

Use a UC app to chat with your team. You don’t even need a phone. Need deeper collaboration? Switch up to face to face video and screen sharing.

3. Never Miss a Call

There’s a UC mobile app, which is like having your desk phone in your pocket. It lets you do everything you can do IN the office... even when you’re OUT of the office.

4. Manage it

Complete control over your business communications is right at your fingertips, day or night. You manage everything in the browser.

5. Flex it

Hosted Voice and UC are billed per user, monthly. Flex up your users for your seasonal peaks, when you need to bring in your reinforcements. Then flex back down if you need to.

Still need to hear more? We’ll be happy to talk to you about it, anytime, anywhere. Call 208-229-9000 or visit www.InComTelecom.com.

For more reasons on why companies are moving towards the cloud read "10 Reasons Companies are Moving Communications to the Cloud Today"


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