What is a Fixed VoIP Number?

What is a Fixed VoIP Number?

When it comes to Voice-over-IP Phone Systems, there are two categories of phone numbers available,  Fixed and Non-Fixed.  A Fixed VoIP Number is a telephone number that is associated with an address and is typically more secure than a non-fixed VoIP number.

Benefits of Fixed VoIP Numbers


Fixed VoIP numbers are almost always assigned by VoIP providers whose broadband network connects to the PSTN (public switched telephone network). These carriers will typically own the network your calls traverse over. This infrastructure requires strict security protocols that prevent your phone numbers from being used for fraud during there journey to and from the PSTN. 

VoIP Resellers typically connect to the PSTN through a third party carrier or assign you Non-Fixed Numbers. Non-Fixed VoIP numbers are phone numbers that do not need to be associated with an address and can be procured easily through services like Skype or Google Voice. Non-Fixed numbers are frequently used for fraudulent and criminal activity because they are easy to obtain and hard to trace. If you are considering using a VoIP reseller make sure to ask them who does their call routing and make sure it is a trusted company that routes your numbers out of the area where you are located and not outside your country.

Emergency Services

Assigning an address to a phone number allows calls to be correctly routed to your local emergency services centers when you dial 911. If you are using a Non-Fixed VoIP number, you will not be able to dial emergency services. Using a fixed VoIP number with an assigned location can speed up response times to accidents and save lives.

Protect Your Business

When shopping for a new VoIP system, CTC recommends using a fixed VoIP number. As a full carrier directly connected to the PSTN, CTC makes sure your calls are secure and your phone numbers are protected from fraud. For more information on CTC's VoIP solutions click here.




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