• Wireless Failover for Business Continuity
  • Benefits of a 4G LTE Failover:
  • Cut the Cord
  • Go Wireless

Wireless Failover for Business Continuity

In this day and age Internet is the life blood of successful businesses. Phones, Point-of-Sales, and inventory systems all rely on a dependable connection. Now imagine your company’s wired Internet connection fails during peak business hours and your customers can’t reach you. The consequences of just a few minutes of downtime could result in a major impact to your businesses bottom line and your company’s reputation.

For those businesses whose success depends on staying connected with their customers, CTC Business is proud to offer an always-on, cost-effective 4G LTE wireless backup to keep your phone system running at all times.

Disaster Recovery Diagram

Benefits of a 4G LTE Failover:

  • Immediate connectivity in the event of an unexpected outage.
  • Never miss a call, even when your data network is down
  • Lower cost compared to a wired backup.
  • Nationwide coverage - ideal for multi-location businesses

Cut the Cord

Unlike expensive wired failover solutions, wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network going strong at an affordable price. This means a greater return on investment and scalability for multiple locations.

Go Wireless

With a wireless 4G LTE failover solution, smaller businesses can enjoy the same reliability and competitive advantage as large enterprises. Organizations seeking a business continuity solution that can be trusted for always-on network connectivity should consider deploying a 4G LTE-enabled solution to ensure maximum uptime, speed-to-deployment, cost-effective scalability, and ease of management.

CTC has been helping Idaho businesses with their communication needs for over 100 years. We would love the opportunity to serve you.